Ryka Mohammadian 2015

Upon receiving the news that Ryka Mohammadian will be officially leaving Entitlement Urethane, it seemed necessary to edit the goon an RIP (ride in peace) video part. We support his decision to leave Entitlement Urethane in pursuit of a sponsorship from a large company. Ryka Mohammadian aka “fartjar” has expressed a strong interest in racing competitively & more specifically IDF.

Entitlement Urethane is a small company that is unable to cover racing fees & send riders overseas. We are a small grassroots company that cares about the little things. We value a rider’s progression, skill, style, creativity & personality. We think it’s important that riders explore new terrain & enjoy riding all types of pavement.

That being said.. we still have a lot of footage sitting on the ol’ external hard drive waiting to be cut.
Stay Tuned…

Ride In Peace Fartjar

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