The Plague

International Tripping

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I met with Johnny Schmidt and San Andreas “Manta” at the 2014 Lausanne Slope Style in Switzerland. These guys were planning to make a crazy road trip from Switzerland to Portugal. During the event Johnny’s van was broken into and everything valuable was stolen. This was a pivotal moment in the organization of a major road trip. It was at this moment.. I knew that things were going to get a bit crazy. There is never a dull moment when tripping with the Strassenkinder crew.

During this part of our trip we ran into a zombie apocalypse on the freeway. We then got stuck on a very narrow road in a very small town. We picked wild mushrooms for lunch. On the same day I successfully attempted a switch edge catch. One evening after cooking dinner we encountered a gangle of wild deer cats somewhere in the woods. Luckily we only had two flashlights, three spoons, and 2 French Opinels still crusty with reblochon to save our lives from the wild deer cats. A few days later we experienced a bit of flash flooding while camping in a lush forrest.

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