Southern California Series



Last summer we made a trip to Grandmas house in Southern California. Andrew Medeiros’ awesome grandparents provided fartjar (Ryka Mohammadian) with a shower. The same grandparents provided myself with a five different outlets to charge the electronics necessary for film. As said our goodbyes to Grandma & Grandpa, our local tour guide Max Capps pulled up across the street. We lurked a variety of suburban neighborhoods and eventually made our way toward tuna. The video from the tuna was featured in the Southern California Episode 1…


Right below is Southern California Episode 3…



About 37 hours later we met with David Bickett to crash in his glorious warehouse.

This splendid location has street tacos readily available for $1.00 right across the street.

As we enjoyed the habanero salsa and a pinch of the verde over our tacos…12894322_10153275331451503_604469364_o

A cat ran out into the street and got splurped. It was a very unsettling way to finish a two-course meal of a four taco appetizer, horchata, and three taco finisher. The universe has its way of dealing with things and in this case it was sage. We lit some sage to clear the air. When local animal control decided not to come through that evening. A few friends decided to dig a hole & bury the cat across the street. Meanwhile…Fish (Andrew Medeiros) was busy talking to BAE on his cellular device and therefore missed the entire ordeal. In the morning we packed up the car and then waited roughly 30-45 minutes for Ryka to mark his territory in David Bickett’s bathroom.

We then met up with this friendly dude named David Schiotis & lurked around a semi-local beach town.


Hope that you enjoyed my story

~ Coach

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