Welcome Guilhem Grimo to Entitlement Urethane

I first met “Grimo” about four years ago. This guy has a great skill level with unique style. Fast forward a few years and he traveled to the USA with the RAZA family in 2015. We rode as many steep hills as possible between San Francisco and Vancouver, B.C. Canada. It was during this trip that I really saw Guilhem’s great personality. From a good distance Guilhem looks like the famous comedian & movie star Adam Sandler.

Although Guilhem never seen the movie Billy Madison nor did he know who Adam Sandler was, he was happy to utter the words “Shampoo is better” and in his French accent “no..Conditioner is better”. It’s moments like these that make having international friends priceless.

After accepting the invitation to be a part of the Entitlement Urethane team, Guilhem mentioned a few medical emergencies. He has been experiencing major trouble in his hip which has been significantly limiting his range of motion. It is almost certain that he will need to undergo surgery. It seems evident that Guilhem will be installing a bionic hip in the near future. As the team manager.. I choose individuals to represent the company based on their skill, style, compatibility, personality, and history. I believe that team riders should represent the company until the day that they choose a different path.


~ Coach

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