MPOAL aka Miles Parker On A Longboard


It was unanimously decided that Miles Parker On A Longboard deserves a lengthy video to demonstrate his ability to navigate down a hill (plural). MPOAL is the type of person with a natural ability to maneuver a longboard sideways. During his pre-adolescent years MPOAL was readily lurking the streets of Oakland & Berkeley with a penny board on steroids. He upgraded the piece of plastic with a few durable wheels & corse grip tape. As his skill level progressed so did his taste in equipment…

After years of eating chunder as youthful grom this uniquely talented individual had evolved into an Oakland Born Goon…..

Watch Miles Parker On A Longboard shralp, slide, shlub, early grab, tuck, and shlarve all the local favorites on our newest product the MARINA….



                 ~ Coach

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