Almost 40 and Freebording

Last summer I wound up passing through Melbourne, Australia. I knew of a local guy named Shaune after watching a couple videos. He was quite new to the Freebord scene and was stoked to meet another rider. Shaune took me out for a brew at local underground’esk bar. The pub was tucked away in a dark ally. Either the location was prior a health clinic, abortion center, psyche ward or the owner just choose some interesting décor. We had a couple drinks (IPA) and talked about freebording. Shaune mentioned that he used to street skate when he was younger and started freebording in his late 30s. I was supprised to say the least when I discovered Shaune’s age. A majority of his online videos are him throwing down in the skate park. I know how many spills a person takes generally takes when freebording in a skatepark…so a genuine proper cheers to the dude. He went on saying that he was started freebording as an outlet to demonstrate to his kid that it is possible to start something new and become good at it. Just saying that feels inspirational to me. As I see it.. this guy is currently pushing the scene in Melbourne, and so I did a little Q & A. 





What’s your name, age, and geographical location?
Shaune Whelan, 39, Melbourne Australia

What’s your background for hobbies or activities?
20 year Skateboarding background with a bit of wakeboarding thrown in,I never have seen snow!!! I love going to punk rock shows, editing, and my wife & kids!

What sparked your interest in freebording?
I first saw a freebord online, i thought “fuck yeah” these guy’s look insane….I used to love cessing 1s, 3s & 5s on my sk8y so naturally I wanted to try it out, this still took me a year before I bought one… a wedding present to myself… As I only ever got about 5 mins of footage from my skating days, I thought I’m going to try film as much of my freebording as possible, for myself to watch back and assess my rights & wrongs. As well as something for both my boy’s to able to watch their old man & his crazyness…my youngest is already into it

What keeps you motivated?
My insane addiction to Freebording, Progression, Fun and my supportive AF wife! who always tells me, to get the fuck out of the house, and go bording!!!

What’s your take on freestyle vs. downhill?
I still see freebording as a downhill sport, when I first started, I had hills and runs, I didn’t do as much park….but then I moved back to Melbs which happens to have like 100+ parks and not so many hills…so naturally and a bit more of convenience, I tend to do more freestyle…which has progressed quicker than my DH/Switch…….but this year I have been working hard @ switch and it has been paying off….I love being able spin/carve/slide as much as being able to grind/drop/air….. it’s all bording

Any word on the scene in Australia?
There are Freebord WA Boy’s, who are still keeping it real in Perth, Freebord Brisbane has always had a good following, Melbourne Freebord Crew has been growing nicely over the last 3 years….11 turning out to this years STS ( although one was a Kiwi). I must mention Freebord Australia and New Zealand, Frosty has been out shredding with crew and Freebord Auckland, Damon is doing a great job over the ditch!!! So it seems pretty alive well.

Any advice for the groms?
Stick at it…Just turn ya head………Stop fiddling with ya set up/talking bout it, get out and shreddd everything!!!

What’s the best food in Australia?
TimTam Biscuits (Bikkys) bitten off corners, dunked slightly into coffee sucked through like straw till it melts then quickly scoff!!! You asked




~ Coach

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