Entitlement in Tahoe..


Nothing about Entitlement Urethane is particularly conventional. In fact, a lot of Entitlement doesn’t make any sense at all. The primary focus of the company is to provide the missing link between gathering media and enjoying oneself. We formed an “official team” based on personality traits, skill, style, and a general ability to have fun. We sometime refer to this ability to make fun “boolin” and that being said it’s important that nobody’s grandiosity explodes. Yep.




As a non-conventional company with a very small sliver of doing any professional, we decided to invite Byron Essert on a trip South Lake Tahoe. Evidently the guy is quite familiar with essence of boolin as it relates to skate trips. He contributed a solid number of unrehearsed bars in a series of freestyles as we traveled from the bay. Apparently he can also sharlp shlarve the slide on a freebord quite well. It was rad to see the degree of stoke on his face when making down the hill.

Words. Words. and the pictures right below are photographs taken by Andrew Medeiros during the weekend. I believe that these pictures were taken from my camera because Andrew’s gear was still in the process of drying. When walking up a dirt path and shifting some gravel the camera bag submerged into a healthy size river. Legend has it that the bag floated for a mere nine seconds which actually seemed like an eternity..











And if by chance you had missed it the first time. Here is that raw run of Byron getting down on a freebord with Ronnie Exotica on the beat..




~ Coach

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