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  Nothing about Entitlement Urethane is particularly conventional. In fact, a lot of Entitlement doesn’t make any sense at all. The primary focus of the company is to provide the missing link between gathering media and enjoying oneself. We formed an “official team” based on personality traits, skill, style, and a general ability to have […]

Living as a weird skater kid II 7 p.m. Wednesday night. Loathing myself in a heap of self-inflicted procrastination. I came across a two minute clip on Facebook about a portrait photographer named Richard Renaldi. His project is called Touching Strangers and it starts with him standing in the middle of a busy street with […]

The boundaries of documentation and the downhill skateboarding community.  I was listening to an NPR interview about Werner Herzog’s documentary Grizzly Man. It’s about this conservationist dude, Timothy Treadwell who hangs out with grizzly bears in Alaska, believing he had bridged the gap between people and these beautiful beasts. When one of the bears he loves […]