Read before using any products sold under the name Entitlement Urethane.

Use of a Skateboard or Freebord can result in serious injury or death. Both Skateboarding and Freebording are inherently dangerous sports and even professionals are at risk of serious injury or death. The use of alcohol or drugs can significantly increase the risks associated to using both Skateboards and Freebords. When using a Skateboard or Freebord proper safety equipment should be worn at all times including a safety certified HELMET, a spine protector, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards. Accidents can take place at low speeds causing serious injury or death. Any person using a Skateboard or Freebord assumes all risks of personal injury or damage

Entitlement Urethane accepts no liability should you or associated persons be injured using any products sold under our brand name.

Prior to using a Skateboard or Freebord consult a physician or licensed medical professional and identify all associated risks. Before riding make sure to check that all of your equipment is in perfect working condition. There are obvious dangers when using a skateboard or Freebord; therefore, always ride within your abilities and follow all traffic and pedestrian laws.

Thank you & have fun!